Property Owners:

Assetlyst provides a platform for contacts, communication, property management, data, and other tools to help you save time and see your properties in one platform. Our services to you:

  1. A robust CRM system that allows you to manage contacts, communicate with your people quickly, create agreements/documents with a quick and efficient flow with your clients/brokers/reps, management of your contract/documents, and income/expense tracking. Included with this will be a database of agents/brokers, property owners and businesses at your service.
  2. Marketplace/Listing. This service is only a monthly subscription for unlimited listings. Our company and exposure are growing and this current pricing locks you in at current pricing levels as we gain steam nationwide and globally.
  3. All listings in your marketplace shown on our service to allow you to see everything available without having to search in many other places. This saves you time and gives your clients quick data to all that is available and the ability to make decisions quicker.
  4. Property Data. We collect property information and sales on every commercial property in your market. We are also in the process of collecting lease and other types of property data that will help you make quick decisions for your clients.
  5. Valuation Tool: With the extensive amount of data we are collecting, this valuation tool will assess and value your property automatically.
  6. Economic and Demographic Data. Our service will provide reliable and up to date information to help you make decisions for your clients. Included in this will be cell phone tracking/mobility data to allow you to help your clients understand exactly how consumers are behaving at every property.
  7. Contract/Document Management. Allows all documents to be created, edited, signed, saved, and recorded in your account and within the property management software service.
  8. Property Management Software Service. Track leases, income, and expenses.