Mike Vowles, Co-Founder

Mike Vowles is the co-founder of Assetlyst with Eric Spotted Elk.

Mike’s background is in commercial appraisal, consultation, development, and investment. He started Western States Valuation, an appraisal and consulting firm that performs work in the western United States. Appraisal work has created a broad range of networks and contacts with many people to be able to obtain data. A need is in the market for more reliable data than what is offered, particularly in non-disclosure states with commercial property. Mike teamed up with Eric Spotted Elk to provide the technology and platform to offer this data and to provide additional services to our clients. Mike’s work as a property developer and investor has also benefited the creation of Assetlyst as our services provide a broad scope of users. Mike grew up in Utah, has two sons, and still lives in Utah because the beauty and outdoor activities are surpassed by none. He enjoys traveling, hiking, cycling, reading, gardening, his people, and his pets.

Eric Spotted Elk, Co-Founder

Eric has a software engineering background and has worked in various R&D labs his entire career. He cut his teeth developing microwave measurement techniques and holds patents in this field. Eric enjoys the fields of signal processing, data-mining, rf measurement, digital communications, and numerical optimization, and has a masters in electrical engineering from Stanford University.

Eric has a family of 6 children and has been married to his wife, Desiree, for 26 years. Eric currently resides with his family in Utah and enjoys many outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, backpacking, and hunting.

Mike Wheeler, Director of Sales and CRM Product Manager

Mike has been with AssetLyst since early 2021 and is one of the first members of the AssetLyst team outside Mike Vowles and Eric Spotted Elk. In his time at AssetLyst, Mike has worked in multiple roles, usually at the same time as is normal with new companies. He has helped with market research, marketing, sales, and everything in between. Mike has a bachelor's in business administration, as well as an MBA from State University.

Prior to coming to AssetLyst, Mike worked for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for 18 years in the purchasing department and as a manager. He has a tremendous ability to problem solve and see the direction an organization should work towards for growth. His biggest goal as a leader is to help others to be the best they can be and recognize what they are capable of. Mike is excited to be working with AssetLyst and applying his experience and education to help make AssetLyst a great tool for our commercial real estate partners and customers.

Mike was born and raised near Ogden, Utah, except for two years of service in New Jersey. Mike has been married to his wife, Jessica, for seventeen years. Together they have two boys, Dean and Duke, as well as three nieces that live with him and Jessica. In his free time, Mike enjoys traveling, hiking, and going to the theater as much as possible, with musicals being his favorite.

Tyler Ford, Director of Marketing and Property Management Project Manager

Tyler operates in marketing and sales functions. Tyler is the product manager overseeing the progress of new software being developed and monitors the functionality of our listing platform.

Tyler is versed in many facets of the business world as he has worked with many companies and is finishing his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in entrepreneurship and finance at Weber State. He has several years of customer service and sales experience working for a multi-billion dollar company, where he successfully curated thousands of solutions for clients in order to create win-win outcomes for the company and the client. Tyler is excited to apply the knowledge gained from attending Weber State and his years of experience with customers to help grow AssetLyst into the number one source for commercial real estate professionals. Tyler enjoys playing pickleball, mountain biking through the majestic mountains, and tasting new coffee. Tyler is a sponge for knowledge. As such, he is excited to learn and try new things.

Suresh Shrestha, Software Developer

Suresh Shrestha is a Weber State University graduate with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Web Technologies. Suresh served as president of the Science, Technology, and Engineering Programs (STEP) club for three years at WSU, where he worked closely with the STEP advisor and other officers to accomplish all the STEP activities. During his STEP leadership, he coordinated with Weber State alumni and industry experts to share their knowledge and experience with current students. He also served as student senator for one year at WSU. He was awarded the outstanding 2021/2022 Computer Science Student award by the College of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology.

Suresh is a full-time full-stack developer in AssetLyst. He strives to make AssetLyst a leading platform for software services with his years of programming and design experience. He loves to learn more about programming in his spare time.

Suresh was recently married to his wife, Addie. He enjoys traveling, playing family board games, and being close to nature.

Nelson Riches - Software Developer and CRM Project Manager

Nelson has worked in project management, software development, economic development, and urban redevelopment. He is an experienced team leader and Professional Scrum Master with conflict resolution skills. His programming background is mainly with Python, JavaScript, Rust, and Flask, with some experience with Java and C++. His hobbies include blacksmithing, rock climbing, and backpacking with his wife and dog.