AssetLyst is valuable to contractors because you need the latest information on costs, and our easy-to-use software can help you develop a cost breakdown. You may also be interested in real estate data such as sales, leases, trends, economics, and other data to make quick decisions on your investments. Our application provides a single platform for you to see all listings, all sales, and almost all leases in your market to help you make decisions. Our service also provides the latest economic information, city building information, mobile phone activity data, demographic data, and more. We also have a cost information service for you to easily and quickly price new projects. Furthermore, our intuitive, world-class costing software can help you bid out your projects. AssetLyst can meet all of your needs:

  1. Research cost data. With our service, you can research cost data and other relevant property information.
  2. Price your projects. Using our cloud-based software, you can price your projects smoothly and efficiently from any location.
  3. See all listings of commercial real estate in one location. This includes sales and leases! Currently, no other service provides this. We work with all agents and owners in every market across the United States to bring the listing information to you on one platform. Included with the listing information, tools will be provided to allow you to analyze the listing data to see trends.
  4. The Sold Database. The Sold Database will show all sales that have occurred in your market for every property type. This will include as many lease transactions for commercial property as we can obtain. You will also have tools for the Sold Database to analyze the data.
  5. Economic and Demographic Data. Our economic and demographic data will provide reliable and up-to-date information to help you analyze your market. This will include cell phone tracking and mobility data to allow you to understand exactly how consumers behave at every property.
  6. Valuation Tool. With the extensive amount of data we collect, our valuation tool will assess and value your property automatically.
  7. Property Management Software Service. Our property management software allows you to track a property's leases, income, and expenses. It also provides forecasting and projections.
  8. Customer Relationship Management System. Our robust CRM system allows you to manage contacts, communicate with your clients quickly, create documents quickly and efficiently, manage your contracts and documents, and track sales. Included with this is a database of property owners and businesses. As a customer, your information also becomes available to prospective clients through our Agent Search function.
  9. Go to a single source for various services and data. Too much time is spent searching and looking for numerous property data points. Too much time is spent jumping from program to program. At Assetlyst, we have the solution for these problems. We may be young, but we are growing quickly, and our services are expanding every day.