As a business owner, you need to make quick decisions in order to stay competitive. Doing so requires constant access to reliable information through which to make these decisions. AssetLyst is a valuable tool for business owners because it provides a way to access all of this necessary information and create listings without the expensive help of an agent. Our cost-effective real estate platform allows your business to find and use property and transaction information without consulting outside, third-party, or unreliable sources for pertinent data.

One of the best tools that we offer is the Sold Database. The sold property database displays all sales that have occurred in your market for every property type. Because of this, the Sold Database is useful for businesses that need specific information about properties, such as square footage, number of tenants, and property ownership. The Sold Database is especially helpful and effective for businesses that utilize door-to-door sales, as they can have information about the property before approaching the potential buyer. This detailed information can drive sales and help you more efficiently target properties that meet your desired criteria by using our sold database.

Cut out the middleman! Save money on expensive (and often inefficient) agents by listing rent spaces yourself on our website instead of going through an agent. Adding a listing for lease or sale has never been easier with AssetLyst’s easy-to-use real estate data service. We are also in the process of developing valuation tools so that you and your business can determine a general sale or lease price without going through an agent or a professional appraiser. Additionally, AssetLyst is developing property management software that will allow you to easily manage your property–whether it is one building or many. Business owners can collect rent payments, manage financial statements, and add listings all in one place with our seamless platform designed with you–the business owner–in mind.