Our Mission

The objective of Assetlyst is to be the best, most extraordinary, world-class, and most progressive cloud platform for all activities related to commercial real estate. Each product and service will provide a world-class experience for each individual. We will provide access to the most available market data to assist with informed decisions, to assist in efficient and quick transactional activity, to provide easy and quick data and property management, and to provide a comprehensive and technologically enabled closing process for property transactions. Valuation using all these resources will be the logical next step, including immediate, live value to searchers, valuation software for owners/brokers, and comprehensive appraisal software for appraisers/valuers. Our next goal is to move into the construction software and technology space to provide world-class construction and development bidding software and tools and proforma tools for income and valuation estimates.

The tools and software we offer include a robust CRM for agents, property owners, and managers, which includes a contract management and flow system, listings, property information, news, transaction data, market trends, analysis, and valuation software within the United States and worldwide.

The service is provided in web application and mobile form and will be constructed with custom programming with layers or phases of service subscriptions. Clients will initially be commercial brokers and agents and then expand to other users.